About Us

Skylark Partners is a diverse group of business professionals based in China, Singapore, and the United States. Our experience, skills, and personal networks enable us to provide solutions on a global scale to our clients.

Driven by a background in technology, international relations, and finance, Skylark is able to work with companies and individuals to identify and acquire strategic assets.


Calvin Smith

Calvin brings experience and insight from a multi-discipline career. A former attorney, he has delved into media, public relations, operational management, and international business strategy. The majority of his business years have been spent working in and with startup companies in the technology field with which he has a natural affinity. Based in Beijing, China since 2011, he maintains key relationships across Asia in a variety of industries.

Calvin holds a BS in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology with minor/certificates in International Relations, Information Technology, and Finance. He also holds a MBA and Juris Doctor from the University of Mississippi.

Wade Brogdon

Wade is a venture capitalist with a background in enterprise sales management and investment banking. A strategic connector, Wade has been focused on advising on cross-border Sino-US technology partnerships. In addition to investing, Wade has served as a business advisor, helping companies start and grow their early sales teams. His operating experience ranges from managing sales teams at startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Wade holds a BS in Finance from Carnegie Mellon University and continues to foster and further the CMU entrepreneurial community.

Maxim de Wit

Maxim started his career in China with key positions at organizations that organized Asia's largest B2B mobile Internet and mobile gaming conferences. Maxim became a connector and thought leader in the Asian tech space, regularly advising boards and speaking publicly. A cultural chameleon and Asia expert, Maxim has lived in China, India and Vietnam for the past 7 years.

Maxim continues to leverage his network and market knowledge to help companies expand to new markets and form lasting strategic partnerships.